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To: Lambeth and Wandsworth Councils

Save Clapham Common from Commercialisation. Common Land is for the Common People!

Save Clapham Common from Commercialisation. Common Land is for the Common People!

URGENT. Please sign this petition to stop the commercialisation of Clapham Common.

Why is this important?

Lambeth Council are ABOUT to sign a 15 year lease to a private enterprise allowing them to cover a large area of Common Land, namely our bowling greens, with artificial plastic grass and extensive building materials. Once this happens, this land may never be recoverable.

There has been virtually no open consultation with the wider community. The Friends of Clapham Common consider this to be widespread plastic pollution as the suffocation of this large tract of land will kill the earth-dwelling invertebrates that live there.

We have a proud history around our Commons, particularly in urban areas - our ancestors fought hard to save Common Land for us, so we must also fight to save this precious asset for future generations. Please join us!

There is an important principle at stake here - your right to roam on Common Land!

Clapham Common must be free for the quiet enjoyment of everyone and not partitioned off for private enterprise. This venture will bring increased noise, litter and light pollution to a quiet residential corner of the Common and the proposed alcohol license may encourage anti-social behaviour. Please sign and pass on.

We are asking Lambeth to heed this petition. The community seeks to find a sustainable green solution for this space.

We are in a climate crisis and our open green spaces are the greatest assets we have.

Clapham Common belongs to the people, and if this tone deaf project goes ahead, we will all lose access to this precious fertile area of the Common.

David Attenborough has made it clear, it’s up to each and every one of us to take responsibility and protect the natural world.

You can do this now by signing the petition. Thank you

Clapham Common West Side SW, London SW4, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to protect and conserve our precious green space. I often walk past this part of Clapham Common on my way to work and I think this would be an unnecessary and insensitive blot on the wonderful natural landscape and wildlife habitat. The destruction of the lovely old buildings is also a terrible shame.
  • Because it's so important that we have green spaces for people.
  • It is mad that in a climate crisis Lambeth is covering part of our only major Clapham based common land with fake grass. The mind boggles!


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