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To: The Home Secretary and Cornwall MP's

Save Cornwall's Green Fields

We want MP's to lobby DCLG for a change in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), so that there is no development on green fields in Cornwall, unless explicitly supported by a Neighbourhood Plan.

Why is this important?

Recognition as a National Park will give protection that is enforceable. It will confirm that the unique environment, heritage and culture of Cornwall is of value to the entire UK. A National Park can be managed sustainably as it offers protection to both communities and the environment.

Cornwall Council plans to allow 52,500 new homes, most of which are to be built on green fields around existing towns. This will increase traffic, have a big (bad) visual impact and make little or no benefit to locals who need genuinely affordable homes. We need to make much smarter use of existing sites in and around Cornwall's town centres so they can also flourish once again.

Please sign this petition so that we can show how many people care about protecting the natural beauty of Cornwall and the need for a common sense approach to Planning.




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