Protect Northern Ireland From Mining And Fracking

Protect Northern Ireland From Mining And Fracking

Immediately stop all mining in Northern Ireland which has not been subject to a full Environmental Impact Assessment.

Commit to developing sustainable agriculture and tourism in Gortin, Omagh District, instead of allowing Dalradian to take money and resources out of the local economy and risk destroying the environment.

Northern Ireland’s environment is an asset – don’t give it away to miners and frackers!

Why is this important?

Mark Durkan, Northern Ireland Environment Minister, has granted Canadian gold mining company Dalradian exploratory mining rights in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Gortin, Northern Ireland. This allowed the company to commence a 20,000 metre underground drilling programme and to extend a 700 metre tunnel to 2,100 metres.

We are concerned at the potential consequences for the local community, the environment and the local economy which relies on small-scale agriculture and tourism.

If the Minister allows mining operations like Dalradian’s without first fully assessing the environmental impact that sets a precedent for other types of major environmental development.

In 2011 the DETI granted a petroleum licence to Australian company Tamboran Resources, which planned to use ‘fracking’ to extract gas from shale rock in County Fermanagh.

‘Fracking’ involves hydraulic fracturing of rock to release gas and is not used in mineral extraction.

Tamboran’s plans were recently blocked following protests from environmental campaigners.

Below are a list of links about Dalradian and Tamboran’s activities:
A damming indictment of Dalradians method of doing business from Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland.

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Reasons for signing

  • There is no excuse for this, we are fully capable of using renewable fuels as our main source of power. Decades from now people will look back and blame us for the mess we made of our planet when we still had the chance to save it.
  • I don't want our country destroyed We have to leave it for future generations to live in.
  • Renewables not fossil fuels, how much energy is N I making from wind and solar already ?