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To: Michael Gove

Protect Northern Ireland's Air and Water and Countryside

Protect Northern Ireland's Air and Water and Countryside

Extend Great Britain's Environment Bill to include Northern Ireland. Establish an Independent and Accountable Agency for the Environment for Northern Ireland to ensure separation of duties between Regulation and Enforcement. Amend the Statutory Instrument for Habitats Regulations for Northern Ireland, replacing the European Commission with an Independent and Accountable Agency for the Environment instead of DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs) .

Why is this important?

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has continually failed to protect our water, air and land.
* 69% of Northern Ireland's rivers, 76% of lakes and 60% of coastal waters failed water quality standards (2018).
* 98% of Northern Ireland's protected Special Areas of Conservation exceeded critical levels of ammonia deposition at which ecological damage occurs (2017).
* Northern Irelands' Freshwater bird population has decreased by 42%, the Skylark population by 48% and the Greenfinch population by 52% (1994-2016).
Legislation for Brexit will give overriding power to DAERA, even if a project damages the environment. Northern Ireland has no Independent and Accountable Environmental Protection Agency. The Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales all do.
We need equality in protecting the air, water and land masses that we all share. We need good governance as we leave the European Union. We need to create a safe and vibrant Environment and Economy which will protect the Health and Wellbeing of our families and communities, everywhere in N. Ireland.

Northern Ireland

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  • Highly important for each of us to look after our planet


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