To: The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education

Protect our children and teachers from asbestos exposure at school

Parents have been kept in the dark about asbestos risks for too long. We want every school in the UK to have to produce an annual report about the type and condition of any asbestos on the premises and share this with all parents and staff. Every child's potential exposure to asbestos at school must be recorded and shared with parents. This has been happening in the USA for the last 30 years.
The Government must introduce and implement a policy for the phased removal of all asbestos from schools to be completed by 2028, starting with the most dangerous asbestos. MP's recommended this in 2012 but no action has been taken.

Why is this important?

My Mum died on Sunday 26th June 2016 from mesothelioma, a cancer that comes from exposure to asbestos. It can lie dormant for a long time, meaning that victims are diagnosed with the illness 15 to 60 years after their exposure. Mum believes she was exposed to asbestos in the schools she taught in. Before she died I promised her that I will do my best to make sure no-one else has to suffer like she has.

The facts about asbestos in schools
• 86% of UK schools have asbestos in them, putting over 7 million pupils at risk. A survey in 2015 found that 44% of teachers have not been told if their school contains asbestos. This lack of awareness puts them and their pupils at risk of exposure.
• More than 224 school teachers in England have died of mesothelioma between 2003 and 2012. There is a similar pattern for school support and maintenance staff. Last year 22 teachers died, meaning the UK has the highest death rate in the world. Experts predict that the number of school related deaths in the UK will continue to rise.
• Children are particularly vulnerable to developing mesothelioma. A five year old child that is exposed is five times more likely to contract mesothelioma than someone exposed to asbestos in their 30s. It is reported that between 200 and 300 people die each year from exposure to asbestos as school children.

All of these deaths are completely preventable. We've known the dangers since the 1960s with legislation controlling its use since the mid-1980’s. 2 million asbestos fibres can fit on a pin head but mesothelioma can develop from ingesting only one or two fibres. There are no safe levels of exposure to asbestos.

Mum taught over 800 children and was a wonderful teacher and very committed to her work. Some of her ex-pupils recently wrote to her saying ‘you were the best reception teacher we could ever have wished for and you gave us the best grounding in education that anyone could ever have’. I’ve seen first hand the pain and suffering that mesothelioma causes.

I’ve lost my darling Mum to this terrible disease, as a parent I need to be sure that my school age daughter is not being put at risk simply by going to school. We can't let more of our children and teachers die from this entirely preventable disease. Damian Hinds must prioritise the removal of all asbestos from all our schools.

How it will be delivered

My family will deliver this petition in person to the Minister of Education.

Reasons for signing

  • I work in construction and have been exposed to asbestos myself. The health and safety stance is that asbestos is fine if it’s not disturbed but if it is not identified and labled then I would say it can not be safe as it was used in over seven thousand products and is very common in our homes as well.
  • I have also just lost my dad to mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure at work. More needs to be done about this to prevent others from contracting this terrible disease.
  • As a chest physician I know how dangerous prolonged exposure to asbestos can be. It should be completely removed from school buildings within 5 years.


2018-04-21 17:21:33 +0100

Two more press stories on discoveries of asbestos in schools that could be harmful to children and teachers. As the articles show, an asbestos discovery can have a significant impact on the school. This is why schools need the Department for Education to commit to funding a strategy of phased removal of asbestos from schools. These examples are from Plymouth and Oxfordshire but the problem of asbestos in schools is across England and Wales.

2018-04-13 17:00:25 +0100

This weekend there has been coverage of asbestos disturbed in a primary school in Lancaster. The response from the local authority is that this is 'low level' but there is no 'safe level' of asbestos exposure and a 5 year old is five times more at risk of developing incurable mesothelioma as a 30 year old.

2018-04-12 07:22:46 +0100

Sarah Stoddart was a committed primary school teacher for many years. Saldy she was exposed to asbestos when teaching and died from mesothelioma in 2017.
Before she died Sarah made this powerful film explaining the dangers of asbestos in schools. Please share this video.

2018-01-24 20:14:19 +0000

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2017-09-15 11:08:51 +0100

This new resource has been launched for parents, teachers, school governors and other school staff. It is a short informative guide providing more information about asbestos in schools and offering guidance about what schools need to do to keep their pupils and staff safe. Please use the resource (it's free) and share with your local schools and/or local council. Awareness and transparency about asbestos is the only way to keep safe from this deadly disease.

2017-03-14 12:26:38 +0000

The government recently released their review on the management of asbestos in schools. It found significant numbers of schools were not safely managing asbestos

My own Freedom of Information requests have identified significant numbers of disturbances in schools in the last five years.

And MP's have recently heard evidence from a Head Teacher who had to 'hose-down' pupils at his school on two or three occasions after they were exposed to asbestos.

There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos fibres cause mesothelioma, an incurable cancer. The government policy of leaving asbestos in place is gambling with our children's futures.

2016-12-13 09:34:39 +0000

This link will take you to my interview on BBC Radio 4's Womens Hour where I was talking about my Mum and asbestos in schools. My interview is the first one

2016-12-09 15:56:37 +0000

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2016-12-02 07:11:12 +0000

Today the BBC are covering the campaign and helping us to raise awareness with parents and teachers about the dangers of asbestos in schools. If you want to know if asbestos is in your school please ask your teacher, head teacher or school governors. Ask them if there is asbestos, where it is, how it's being managed and when it will be removed. You can also check the responses to my Freedom of Information. They can tell you names of schools, how many times asbestos has been released in schools and how many school staff are pursuing a claim for exposure to asbestos.
Go here and then search for your local area,
Unfortunately the lists often don't include Academy's or Free Schools.

2016-10-04 20:30:22 +0100

The BBC in Yorkshire want to highlight the issue of asbestos in schools. This will be a great opportunity to increase parents and teachers awareness of the dangers of asbestos in schools. They are keen to speak to anyone in Yorkshire who has been affected by asbestos in schools, either as a teacher, school employee or student. If you or your family has been affected and would be willing to speak to the BBC reporter please contact me through the link on the 38 degrees page. Thank you so much for your support.

2016-07-31 23:02:41 +0100

On Tuesday 26th July we held my Mums funeral, to celebrate her life with her family and friends. In the weeks before she died my lovely mother was still worrying about all the other teachers and children who are being unknowingly exposed to asbestos in their schools.

Please watch and share this film to help raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos in schools and encourage people to sign the petition.

Through-out her life Mum cared for so many children. Please help us to make it her legacy to get asbestos out of schools and prevent others suffering like she did.

2016-07-15 11:41:45 +0100

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2016-07-14 23:47:58 +0100

Almost 4 weeks after her death Mums story has been covered by Ros Wynne-Jones in the Daily Mirror. You can read the story here, If you have been affected by asbestos please contact Ros on Twitter @realbritainros or the Dailly Mirror letters page by email at This will help to increase awareness of the scale of this problem and create pressure for change.

Nicky Morgan has now been sacked after 2 years as Secretary of State for Education. She is gone but tomorrow 7 million children will sit in schools that contain asbestos. Justine Greening the new Secretary of State for Education must make the removal of asbestos in schools a top priority. Please help to increase the pressure for change by sharing this petition with friends and family.

2016-07-01 12:54:02 +0100

On Sunday 26th June my darling Mum died from mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer that comes from exposure to asbestos. Mum was unknowingly exposed to asbestos as a teacher. Asbestos is a hidden killer that is in 86% of UK schools.There are no safe levels of exposure to asbestos for pupils or teachers.

Today 7 million children are sitting in schools that contain asbestos. Parents and teachers are completely in the dark about this danger. The UK has the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world. There’s no cure, and more than 90% of people are dead within three years of diagnosis.

Mum didn't want anyone else to suffer like she did. Please help us to achieve this. Please share the petition widely. This hidden killer can affect anyone. Children and teachers can only be safe once asbestos is out of our schools. The more signatures we have the greater our impact can be.

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