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To: Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Protect our democracy

Make sure all MPs can able to play a full role in parliament remotely via virtual participation, so they can represent all UK constituents and make sure all our voices are heard

Why is this important?

Right now, MPs who can’t safely return to Parliament are not getting the same treatment as those who can. For constituents and people across the country, knowing that our MPs have the same access to voting and scrutinising the government is important.

Until this week, all MPs were taking part in parliamentary activity remotely because of the coronavirus crisis. The system was not without its flaws, but this week MPs have been asked to return to Westminster. However, only 50 MPs can be present in the House of Commons at a time, and there is confusion about who is eligible for proxy votes. This isn’t doing justice to our democracy, and forces MPs to make difficult decisions about representing constituents or keeping themselves and their communities safe.

The government’s own guidelines say work from home if you can. Add your name to the petition if you think MPs should be able to keep participating virtually so they can represent us properly, and fully hold the government to account during the COVID-19 crisis, add your name.



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