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To: To Lord Chief Justice and the UK Government

Protect our justice! Keep trials by jury

Don’t scrap trials by jury just to deal with the backlog of our court cases. Our justice system is too important to put at risk.

Why is this important?

It is all of our human right to have access to a fair trial. But right now there is a risk that trial by juries could be scrapped, to try to deal with the backlog of court cases because of coronavirus. It could mean those of us waiting to get justice, won’t get a fair trial.

Removing jurors from court hearings can have huge implications on those of us who face oppression and discrimination. The diversity and variety of jurors helps ensure the justice system is fair and efficient by having more experiences and voices in the room. The risk of taking juries away and leaving a decision on a trial to just one person could have lasting impacts and hit certain groups in our society harder.



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