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To: The prime minister

Protect scientific integrity of the government's SAGE committee.

Protect scientific integrity of the government's SAGE committee.

Attendance at meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) committee, which advises the government on dealing with the coronavrius pandemic, has been kept secret by the government. It has now emerged that Dominic Cummings and one other political advisor (Ben Warner) have been actively participating in these meetings, and are perhaps actual members of the committee. We call upon the prime minister to ensure that they do not participate in any role.

Why is this important?

All other members are scientists, chosen for their relevant scientific expertise. We believe that Cummings and Warner have no legitimate place on this committee or at its meetings. Cummings in particular is a controversial, divisive figure with no scientific background. Their presence can only undermine the committee’s authority, and dangerously reduce public confidence in its advice.



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