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To: Canterbury City Council

Protect the Ancient Benacre wood

Protect the Ancient Benacre wood

We need affordable housing for local residents for which there are alternative local sites. There is a hugely significant flood risk from water surface runoff. And the combined sewerage system is at full capacity (Southern Water).

Why is this important?

Benacre Wood is the only remaining part of the Ancient Blean woodland complex left in existence in Whitstable. The wood is home to Dormice ,Tawny owls, Bats and Great Crested Newts. We would like to create a country park with a woodland themed play area, disability access paths, gates and Bridges, replant/restore the ancient Benacre Wood and create a large wildlife meadow.

Duncan Downs, Whitstable, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • Ancient woodland is priceless.
  • priceless ancient woodland..
  • felt I should


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