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To: Boris Johnson and Priti Patel


Do all you can to tackle online fraud in the new Online Safety Bill

Why is this important?

The new online safety laws being proposed by the Government will give Ofcom power to crackdown on social media companies - but will fail to cover online scams. This means that millions of people across the UK are at risk of scammers committing financial fraud.

With all of us increasingly being forced to turn online, it’s now more important than ever that the government does all it can to protect us from online fraud. That’s why we, the British public, are calling on you to tackle the quickly escalating problem of online fraud in the government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill.


Reasons for signing

  • Because I want myself and others to be safe
  • The government will go after social media companies because there’s money in it. There’s no money in online scammers but money taken from the public, the government don’t actually care about that.
  • So many of us are encountering online financial scams that the new law will only make sense if we are protected too!


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