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To: National and local government

Protect the Green Belt

Dear Housing Minister and Local Planners,
Reconsider and stop building houses on Green Belt Land

Why is this important?

This is a national problem driven in part by developers with their land bank areas of green belt.
The north of Bristol is no exception, where South Gloucestershire Council have proposed to build a total of 22,000 houses at central government behest, and 3,200 will be in Stoke Gifford/Winterbourne, 1,200 of which are being built at Harry Stoke and 2,000 are proposed on the green belt East of Harry Stoke ref: LEOHS.
Filton Airfield and Cribbs Causway are brown field sites, more than capable of accommodating the majority of this requirement.
There is serious vehicle congestion in and around Stoke Gifford and the proposal will only bring more traffic estimated to be around 6,000 vehicles onto the all ready congested road network

Stoke Gifford North Bristol

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Reasons for signing

  • to stop the proposed bus lane on hatchet road . a layby is better.
  • Poor trafic management in area, this will only add too problem.


2016-06-15 15:01:10 +0100

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