To: The Scottish Ministers

Protect the mountain hare!

Protect the mountain hare!

Please confer immediate, protected species status upon the mountain hare (Lepus timidus)

Why is this important?

Thousands of mountain hares are shot and snared in Scotland because they allegedly carry a disease which reduces the number of grouse available to be shot for "sport". In some areas where mountain hares were previously abundant they are now rare or extinct.

This is a national scandal. Scottish Natural Heritage is appealing for "voluntary restraint" from the grouse shooting lobby, but they have already had years to put their house in order. The time has now come for robust, properly enforced legislation to protect the mountain hare which is an important part of Scotland's biodiversity and a revenue earning tourist attraction.

You can read more about the Scottish mountain hare here:


Reasons for signing

  • Because these beautiful creatures do not have a voice and people need to stand up for them before all the beauty in the world is destroyed by mindless idiots who get their kicks from killing defenceless animals
  • The managers of driven grouse moors know nothing about ecology and care less - they are not fit to be guardians of our natural heritage. Voluntary restraints do not work. Scottish Ministers, I say to you, remember the saying 'Think Global, Act Local' and protect the mountain hare.
  • Mountain Hares are beautiful animals that should not die cruel horrible deaths.


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