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Protect union Conveners facility time in West Dunbartonshire

Protect union Conveners facility time in West Dunbartonshire

Protect your right to support, advice and union representation, by signing this petition and sharing with other union members.

Why is this important?

WDC, based on their recent Budget Survey have taken the decision to reduce the Union Converners facility time in West Dunbartonshire.
WDC Stats- 300 Council Workers completed the budget survey, of which 189 agreed with the reduction; 3.43% of the workforce of over 5000 workers.
Through the joint union services available in WDC there are over 3000 members; 189 people therefore is not an accurate portrayal of the union members wishes.
If you wish to receive the existing level of support which is currently available, sign the petition.

West Dunbartonshire

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Reasons for signing

  • To support the good work that the full time Convenors do in West Dunbartonshire.
  • support for my representatives and collegues
  • Support and representation


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