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To: Hackney Council

Protest against the closure of Richmond Road Hackney

Protest against the closure of Richmond Road Hackney

Immediately halt the closure of Richmond Road and Greenwood Road to avoid the terrible buildup of traffic on Graham Road and the surrounding area. Rather than limiting pollution, these plans road closures have caused a terrible funnelling of traffic resulting in a 24-hour traffic jam and dangerous levels of pollution to the residents of Hackney.

Why is this important?

I understand the situation with trying to make a greener borough and as a cyclist myself I have no problem with limiting roads around schools. However unless you provide an alternative route for the weight of traffic needed all you do is concentrate that traffic into a smaller area which creates terrible traffic jams and terrible amounts of pollution.

I have been a resident of Graham Road for over 15 years, I now have a daughter who has severe asthma living in a house constantly filled with trucks idly sitting outside the house 24/7 in traffic since these road closures have been implemented.

We must stop these changes immediately before irreparable damage is done to the area around Graham Road and the surrounding areas! We were not consulted about these changes that will dramatically change our lives. Please sign my protest.

Hackney Central, London E8 1LL, UK

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