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To: Mayor of London

Mayor Khan: on Brexit Night give BOTH views space for expression

Mayor Khan: on Brexit Night give BOTH views space for expression

If Farage is taking over Parliament Square on January 31st, please allocate a separate public space nearby for the thousands who may turn out to express an alternative view. Please ensure that sufficient policing will be in place to protect everyone.

Why is this important?

The 31st will inevitably be a busy evening for Brexit-issue gatherings in London, both pro and anti. There are already 11,000 interested in a Facebook event entitled “Rally to Rejoin the EU”, 4,300 interested in one entitled “A Night of Demonstration for Liberty and Europe”, an Eventbrite listing called “Shine through the Darkness”, and we know that Farage is inviting 12,000 Brexit supporters to Parliament Square. We also know that far right violence rose after the referendum result and is expected to rise on Brexit night . For all these reasons, please reassure us as soon as possible that separate public spaces will be provided for pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit reactions to this historic occasion, and that sufficient policing plans are in place to ensure all Londoners’ safety from far right violence.


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