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To: James Brokenshire MP

Provide emergency winter Shelter for homeless

Provide emergency winter Shelter for homeless

To commission emergency housing facilities for the record number of people living on the street this winter. To convert empty spaces in cities to dorms to get people out of the cold.

Why is this important?

This year, 320,000 people were recorded as homeless in Britain, analysis from housing charity Shelter suggests.

It is a rise of 13,000, or 4%, on last year's figures and equivalent to 36 new people becoming homeless every day.

London has the highest rate of homelessness, but it is growing fastest in the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and north-west England, the analysis says.

As the weather grows colder we need an emergency plan to provide shelter for as many people as possible through the winter. Utilising spaces such as empty offices. This is a national emergency as many lives are at immediate risk.



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