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To: Kirklees Council

Provide NHS dental care for new patients in Kirklees

There is currently NO dentist in Kirklees accepting new NHS dental patients. I am fighting for this provision to be made.

Why is this important?

Many are being forced to go private in desperation, but even private dental provision is nil at the moment in Kirklees, so they have to go out of area. Health suffers, and many are in pain or despair. I recently broke a tooth very badly, but it took me three weeks to find a PRIVATE dentist well out of the area who would treat me. I know of others in other areas who have waited 18 months to get on an NHS dental list and have a 90 mile round trip. One such was examined and told the earliest NHS appointment she could have was in 3 months' time, by which time the tooth was in such a state it had to be extracted.
Kirklees District, United Kingdom

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