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To: U.K. Government

Provide Paid leave for those who lose a baby prior to 24 weeks gestation

Provide Paid leave for those who lose a baby prior to 24 weeks gestation

I am asking for 2 weeks full pay to match that of Statutory bereavement leave (for both parents!) following the loss of a baby prior to 24 weeks gestation.

It’s not enough, but it’s better than nothing being offered currently.

We deserve better.

Why is this important?

Did you know that your female employees who lose a baby under 24 weeks are not entitled to paid leave?

Well. You might argue that they are entitled to SSP. Is that really comparable to their wages?

How many employees could afford to be off work with the first 3 days unpaid and then live off £96.35 per week? Not many I bet.

This is what is happening across the U.K. - employees are grieving, they are suffering physically, mentally & financially.

I lost my daughter at 23 weeks And whilst 2 weeks was not enough, it is better than the nothing being offered currently.


Reasons for signing

  • Having gone through 4 early miscarriages and one late miscarriage, feeling rushed back to work due to finances has a real impact on your mental health. Not being able to recover physically or mentally is tough.
  • I feel strongly about it
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