To: All residents within Cornforth Parish

Provision of Notice Boards in Cornforth Parish.

Provision of Notice Boards in Cornforth Parish.

Please join the fight for the rights of our community to have two public notice boards. Thank you.

Why is this important?

This is an open letter to the residents of Cornforth from myself.
If I could introduce myself, I am secretary to Cornforth Residents Association. I am heading a campaign to ensure this village is given the right to the basic need of communication through two public notice boards.
This is a non-political campaign. I wish to make that crystal clear.
I am heading it in my own right but Cornforth Residents Association supports the campaign.
Many groups are running in this village trying to bring the village back to life and connect the whole of the community together.
The task of us doing so is foiled over and over again because we have no efficient and sensible information route to interact with the residents.
A public notice board has been requested for over three years. The parish council refuse to give us one because we will vandalise them.
I believe this village is no worse than any other in the United Kingdom. Every village has the benefit of notice boards. All villages surrounding us have that communication. Many have several un- vandalised notice boards. NOT US.
Because of this groups can only benefit parts of our community unless expense and time is given to making posters, leaflets, etc. and none of the groups are financially positioned to pay out money for advertising as it undermines the intent to provide villagers with funds to support the kids and the old living in Cornforth.
I am ready to fight back after three years of residents unproductive requests to get events into the public eye. It takes a long time for word of mouth to travel and a lot of people I meet are unhappy that once again they have not been informed of charitable events that they would have attended.
Residents in Cornforth are no worse than residents in every other Parish Council in England and your rights are not being fulfilled.
We need two notice boards central to our only remaining village shops. One on the High Street and one at The Oval.
You have, as residents, almost £200,000 in reserves of the parish. I am quite sure two notice boards, vandal proof at a cost of under £2,000 is not out of the reach and is a tiny financial contribution to the efficient provision of communication between us.
Today I am raising an official petition on behalf of the residents and hope I can have your support. If this request fails I am taking this matter to the Secretary of State.
Many thanks for your attention.

West Cornforth

Reasons for signing

  • The villagers have a right to know what is going on in this village!
  • I have signed for no other reason than the care of the residents of Cornforth to ALWAYS have their rights fulfilled.


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