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To: Cabinet member for children's services - Councillor Simon Hackett Cabinet member for public health and protection - Councillor Elaine Costigan Cabinet member for social care - Councillor Ann Shackleton

Provision of Specialist Autism Support for Sandwell Families

We Won! 05/03/19

A big thank you to everyone who signed our petition. Sandwell Autism Group are thrilled to report that Sandwell Council have now funded specialist autism family support for another year. The support is across the whole of Sandwell to any parent/carer who needs it. A grant was given to Autism West Midlands to provide the service and they have been asked to consult with parent/carers to make sure the offer of support meets the needs of the parent/carers.

We are now looking towards how our voice can become part of the planning at a strategic level so we don't have this issue every year.

Again, thanks to everyone who took time to sign and share the petition.

Best wishes

Rebecca Harris

• Ensure that all parent/carers across the six towns of Sandwell have access to specialist autism family support provided by a specialist autism contractor.
• The support is universal and not time restricted (open to any parent at any point in their caring journey as required).
• The support should offer a wide variety of services to meet the different needs of carers.
• Consult with parent/carers on any further changes or developments in this service.

Why is this important?

We have already written to you to raise this subject but this is a brief summary of why this issue is important.
Autism is no worse or more complex than any other condition. It’s just different. Families need advice that is specific to autism as many of the usual ways of communicating, teaching and managing behaviour is different to the norm.
Every autistic person is different so you need a specialist who can tailor advice to your individual needs.
Autism is the only disability to have its own act of parliament to focus upon and direct the services that should be available to autistic people.
Having the wrong advice can make the situation worse.
To support their children parents need to understand their child and how they can help them.
When carers are better supported the cared for has better outcomes.


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