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To: Conservative cabinet minister

Stop the removal of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift

Stop the removal of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift

Overturn the £20 per week deduction to the Universal credit allowance payment.

Why is this important?

We have just been through a historical time in human history. Never before have we seen such devastation.

Covid-19 hit us all hard, thousands of businesses went bust.
Many new claims were made to the Universal Credit system as families were plunged into poverty as their livelihoods were taken from them as the virus ravaged our towns and cities.

The Universal Credit system is a lifeline for millions of people in the UK and the £20 per week deduction is going to cripple families who have been plunged into the benefit system through no fault of their own.

Let's face it, £20 per week may not sound like a lot to many of you, but to claimants of the benefit system it is a fortune.

This money is a week's food shopping! A weeks gas and electricity for our top up meters!

This government has decided to reduce the allowance just as the winter hits us.

What do we tell our children as they sit in the cold house this winter and ask why they can't have the heating on?

Families are going to have to choose to literally eat or heat this winter with this deduction. A DEDUCTION THAT THE POPULATION OF THE UK DID NOT GET CHANCE TO VOTE ON!

I want to inform the POPULATION of this country, the government is here to serve us, and do as we collectively say. Not the other way round!

It's not rocket science is it? Those who are on higher salaries should be willing and able to help the poorest in our society by paying just a small increase on their national insurance stamp to help fund the extra £20 per week rise in Universal Credit.

Or we could add a fraction of a penny to fuel prices to pay for this extra £20 per week allowance.

This country has a moral obligation to help those who were hit the hardest by the covid-19 virus and were plunged into the welfare system.

So this petition is for the masses of the country, the population of this country to HAVE THEIR SAY ON THIS IMMORAL DEDUCTION.

I implore you to sign this petition and let this Conservative government know that the majority of the UK population that they serve, do not want this deduction to be implemented and carried forward.

We did not get the chance to have OUR SAY, now YOU CAN! BY SIGNING THIS PETITION.

Do what is morally correct and let the people who serve us, and don't have a clue about the welfare system, and the cost of living know that we do not want this deduction to continue.

People will die from this decision. Children will get sick, malnourished and depression will rise alarmingly by this simple £20 per week deduction.

Take the money off those who are blessed enough to be able to help those who are less fortunate than themselves.

It's not really a hard decision to make is it?

Keep the £20 per week increase to the universal credit system and help the families in need during this time in humanity that has never been seen before.

Share this petition far and wide.

Let the public decide, as it is our country, with rules and systems that we ALL Want to live with.

Thank you.
Signed, A universal credit claimant

How it will be delivered

To the houses of Parliament, to 10 downing Street, to a place where they do not understand how many people in this country struggle to eat, heat and survive.
If we get the millions of signatures that this petition will obtain, we will deliver it to the government that serves US!



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