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To: house of commons

Public enquiry into child abuse and institutional pedophilia

Fully and thoroughly investigate all historical & ongoing investigations and centralize the enquiry and bring the perpetrators to mater their rank or position!

Why is this important?

It's important because many families need closure and we need to eradicate this evil from our society completely. The eradication of child abuse will never happen while our establishment are complicit in may of these atrocities themselves and "We the People" demand and have a right to demonstrable action and not cover-ups which only protect the guilty.


Reasons for signing

  • I was a cop that social services ruined my career for reporting child sexual abuse, Very strong evidence that social services concealed child abuse.
  • I signed because people in power should not think they are untouchable, but the children they were looking after were supposed to be.
  • I signed because the public have the right to know who has been abusing positions of power and trust.


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