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To: UK government

Public inquiry into BBC censorship and bias

The worrying attempt to prevent Lord Singh of Wimbledon speaking about a Sikh Guru who gave his life defending the right of all to freedom of belief, shows both insensitivity and religious prejudice. 

We the undersigned submit that what the Times calls the ‘shabby treatment of Lord Singh’ following on from the recent treatment of Naga Munchetty, does not bring confidence in the BBC commitment to ‘due impartiality’ , nor enhance the trust of the license fee payer.

Although the BBC eventually made the right decision, reversing a partially upheld complaint in the case of Naga Munchetty, the UK Sikh community and many people of other faiths, regret that no apology has yet been given to Lord Singh of Wimbledon for an inexplicable attempt to censor a well-recorded historical event emphasising a total Sikh commitment to freedom of religion and belief.

We believe an inquiry into BBC censorship and bias is urgently required. 


Why is this important?

We believe the BBC must be held accountable by the license fee payer for decisions which show bias and partiality.

There must also be parity in the treatment of all faiths and beliefs in the BBC's religious output.

The case of Lord Singh brings into serious question the BBC's commitment to 'due impartiality'.

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