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To: Bristol City Council and the Mayor of Bristol

Publish full feasibility report on Cumberland Basin road options

Publish full feasibility report on Cumberland Basin road options

Please make public the full feasibility report looking at detailed options for the Cumberland Basin ('Western Harbour') road network.

Why is this important?

There is considerable public confusion and concern over the three options proposed for the Cumberland Basin road network in Bristol.

In the current Bristol City Council consultation it is stated: "In 2018, Bristol City Council commissioned Arup, Alec French and JLL to undertake an initial feasibility study to consider approaches for reconfiguring traffic movements across the Western Harbour. A number of approaches were considered against their ability to provide transformative growth and regeneration opportunities, whilst also considering the impact on the local environment and on traffic flow. From this initial assessment, three road network approaches have been looked at in more detail."

The three chosen options all list considerable weaknesses including: environmental harm to the river and riverbank, community severance (areas being ‘cut off’ from each other by busy roads), harm to historic assets, harm to iconic views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, changing the cycle route from a rural to a heavily-trafficked area, increased heavy traffic alongside the Nova Scotia and Pump House pubs, and increased air pollution. Local residents and businesses are also fearful about the future of their homes and premises.

Given the importance of this for the future of the city, we urge Bristol's Mayor and Council to publish the full feasibility report.


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