To: Theresa May (Prime minster)

Put a cap on MPs (members of parliaments) wages.

Cap ALL MPs (Member of Parliaments) wages for at least 5 years.
Westminster say they can't afford to put OUR money back in to things such as the much needed NHS but can afford to live the high life on huge amounts of money that the public fund.

Why is this important?

MPs wages NEED capped, The whole of our country/public services are struggling while the people who are making them struggle enjoy a £1000 pay rise, It is completely UNACCEPTABLE how our dedicated nurses/doctors/police etc work their absolute hearts out for a bang average wage while MPs are raking it in, Minimum wage £7.50 per hour while in 2015 it was reported the PM would receive £149,440 Per year and cabinet minsters £141,505, That is completely unacceptable when a our nurses barely see a tiny percentage of that! its time to change what our priorities are, and it most definitely is not and should not be making sure people who are cutting funds to our NHS still live the high life. I was working for a company because i was 20 i was getting like £5 something an hour and i have my own house, i couldn't continue doing it, just goes to show the difference in peoples wages.

United Kingdom

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