To: Sadiq Khan, London Councils & Blue Badge Holders

Put An End to Blue Badge Fraud

Put An End to Blue Badge Fraud

Create a new role/position for parking enforcement officers who solely detect and prevent the fraudulent use of disabled parking permits/blue badges and those parking in disabled bays without a valid permit. Current Civil Enforcement Officers are not forthcoming I think largely due to the fact that they are uncomfortable challenging a disabled person. The role could be given to a disabled person(s) who are more likely to be comfortable asking the question.

Make it easier for the public, particularly those affected by this issue directly, to report people or vehicles that are parked either without a valid disabled permit or those parked fraudulently with the use of a stolen or borrowed disabled parking permit.

The Blue Badge Scheme has seen recent changes which widened the eligibility criteria meaning many more people will be eligible to apply for a Blue Badge this came into effect on 31st August 2019 - it’s for this reason that more attention needs to be paid to fraudulent usage.

Make blue badge lockable holders available to everyone to cut the number of badges being stolen from vehicles and therefore decrease the number of stolen blue badges being used fraudulently.

Blue Badge Holders: stop lending your badges to friends and family.
I, for one, would never let somebody else use my disabled badge and I would feel completely comfortable proving that my badge is meant for my use.

Why is this important?

I was made permanently disabled after a surgical mishap which has left me with severe chronic pain for the past 8 years. I have been struggling to lead a normal life since this happened to me and it has opened my eyes to the lives of disabled persons and the difficulties and struggles we encounter.
I am unable to get around by public transportation most of the time due in part to my physical condition and also largely due to the lack of accessibility on the Tfl transportation network.
I rely heavily on my disabled parking permits to enable me to park close enough to shops, hospitals and other services which I need to access within my community but am often unable to park in disabled bays due to them being occupied by people who either do not have a valid permit or are using somebody else’s permit, fraudulently for their own benefit - which is not only against the law (which is rarely enforced) but also prevents those with a genuine need from being able to park where they are entitled to do so.

In eight years I have not been asked once to prove that my blue badge does indeed belong to me and it’s for this reason that people can, and are, getting away with it.

Whilst I’m sure this problem exists across the UK; London has the highest population and lowest number of disabled parking spaces in comparison to most other cities in the country.


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