To: NHS Highland

Put an end to extortionate TV charges at Raigmore Hospital - up to £9.90 a day for bedside TV

Put an end to extortionate TV charges at Raigmore Hospital - up to £9.90 a day for bedside TV

We the undersigned call upon NHS Highland to put in place a free (or at the very least, much cheaper) bedside TV and internet service for inpatients at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness when the current contract comes to an end in June 2019. This would replace the current service provided by an outside contractor, which costs patients up to £9.90 per day to receive TV/internet at the bedside.

Unison Highland Healthcare Branch

Why is this important?

Patients are paying up to £9.90 for bedside televisions in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness and we believe it should either be scrapped or replaced with a cheaper/free service as well as public WiFi as the contract comes to an end in June 2019

How it will be delivered

We will personally give the petition to NHS Highland Board.

Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

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Reasons for signing

  • Some blame lies with the hospital allowing this company to operate in the hospital in the first place. I support the cause I think the prices are unbelievable.
  • it's unfair and unaffordable for some members of the community
  • My late father was in 16 weeks and wee bought him the bundles £24 card lucky if he gt 3 hours out of it and it kept shutting down and after phoning several times to report fault nothing was done plus machines dont always give u change poor old people that have no family that is bed bound and cant get to day room a disgrace


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Today Edward Mountain MSP asked a question regarding television services in NHS Highland. Jeanne Freeman Health Secretary stated that public WiFi that enabled video streaming was being trialed in NHS Lothian and if successful would be introduced across NHS Scotland.

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