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To: British Government

Put Tax avoidance on the G8 agenda for real

We know what an effective new global company tax regime should look like. We have a model in the "unitary" tax system of the US, which extracts a tax levy from companies that operate in multiple states based on how much business they do in each jurisdiction. A similar system applied worldwide on multinationals should be on the table for serious consideration at the G8 meeting, chaired by Britain, in Lough Erne in June. The door is open to such radicalism. American political frustration at the tax dodging of multinationals is growing. Recession-hit European states need the revenues. Yet Mr Cameron will not be pushing for unitary taxation at the G8. Unless he does so, we will have to conclude that the Prime Minister is not really that serious about forcing global companies to pay their fair share.

Lets force Cameron and Osborne to either get serious on Tax Avoidance by putting it high on the G8 Summit agenda or come clean on their real agenda on Tax.

Why is this important?

This is about the richest 1%. This is about the gap between the rich and the poor. This is about doing the right thing by leading by example.



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