To: Steve Harman - Chair of British Horseracing Authority

Putting Racehorses through their paces!

Putting Racehorses through their paces!

Stop the use of the Kurtsystem for training racehorses in Berkshire and prevent it becoming commonplace

Why is this important?

The Kurtsystem is a £20 million machine designed by 'rollercoaster engineers'! Young horses (30 at a time) are harnessed in forcing the horses to gallop at 30mph! Horses are as individual as you or I. No two horses will gallop at the same speed on any given day. Being harnessed in with no way of escaping this contraption, the horse is given no choice but to gallop, how can this be ethical or in the best interest of the horse? Lets not kid ourselves, this is all about making more money out of defenceless animals. This is an industry that is already worth over 3 billion pounds!! Whilst at present the general manager of the Kurtsystem claims the machine is only used on young racehorses pre-training to make them stronger, how long will it be before we see all racehorses being trained in such contraptions? It's barbaric and needs to be stopped.


Reasons for signing

  • Here we go again, instead of employing jockeys,(who incidentally could gauge each horses ability and stamina )to ride and train each animal according to its merits, lets enlarge the turnover and profit margins . Less staff= lower wage bill= bigger profit margins= happy owners= more contracts= more jockeys out of work= bigger Unemployed Bill for the taxpayer. The Rich get richer, and everybody else gets stiffed.


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