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To: All Leaseholders of Brighton and Hove City Council properties, Brighton Councillors, Brighton MP

Qualifying Long Term Agreements Brighton and Hove City Council

Qualifying Long Term Agreements Brighton and Hove City Council

So NO to the Qualifying Long Term Agreements for planned work for council homes in Brighton.

Why is this important?

We am very worried by the possibility of the Council entering into another long-term agreement for Planned and Major Works.
Our experience as a leaseholder has been that such works carried out under long terms contracts are of very poor quality, not properly finished, and extremely overpriced i.e. £17000 for a front door and entry system for a block of 8 flats ! It was clear there had been no supervision by Brighton Council or the agreements written so badly that it is a license to print money for the winners of the contracts
To give a contractor such long-term power to assess work, i.e. whether to repair or replace and with no competition regarding price does not make any sense.
I am also concerned to learn that across Brighton poor quality installations have been used in replacements where regular maintenance and repair would have made better sense. It has been clearly shown that a contractor will make decisions regarding work which will most benefit their firm and this situation invites self interest and corruption.
Please learn by what has happened in the past and not allow a contractor to dictate their own terms and prices.
We as leaseholders cannot afford to finance this ridiculous and abusive arrangement to which we have been subjected to for so long.
There is no cost-benefit analysis for the introduction of new QLTAs, which is a failure of management and governance. Until such time as this vital piece of work is done there is no justification for saying that the time-honoured method of tendering to 3 companies is more expensive than giving a monopoly to one.

How it will be delivered

Will email signatures to the council before the long term contracts are awarded.


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Reasons for signing

  • Brighton & Hove City Council do not manage their contractors - the contractors manage them.
  • Everyone suffers except the contractors when Housing Account money is wasted.
  • To save money for the council and the leaseholders and to ensure jobs are done to a high standard with value for money


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