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To: To the Councillors & MPs of Hornsey & Wood Green and Tottenham,

Question Haringey's Chaotic Development Plans

Question Haringey's Chaotic Development Plans

We, the Bradley Road Community of Woodside (and others), are concerned that the potential benefits of urban rejuvenation to Wood Green are hindered by the chaotic plans proposed by the Haringey Development Vehicle and Haringey Area Action Plan.

We would like written answers in response to our concerns.

Why is this important?

We’re concerned about news of our public assets being handed over to Lendlease for development over a 15 year period, at a 50:50 control ratio regardless of Council re-elections, given the company’s poor reputation. (Locally: Elephant & Castle £3 billion redevelopment saw Lendlease introduce the ‘poor door’, and failure to produce the stipulated 35% affordable housing on basis of building a leisure centre worth 1/3rd of cost instead. Internationally: Lendlease convicted of defrauding government agencies of New York to sum of $19 million, resulting in a $56 million fine).

We’re concerned that only 40% of the 7000 new homes will be affordable (which at 20 % lower than market value is still an ‘unaffordable’ sum). Also, of the 40% of new homes to be affordable, they’re split into 60% affordable rent, and 40% intermediate product. Therefore only 16% of the new homes will be ‘affordable’ to purchase.

We’re concerned about the impact 7000 new homes focused in one small area will have on surgeries and schools, specifically facility buildings that have not been budgeted for.

We’re concerned that the council will be utilising the Community Infrastructure Levy to demolish public assets simply to make a profit on the rates they can then charge on successive development projects on the land. While in principle you can use the profits to build new council homes, your plans show you’re rebuilding many of the same public assets you're demolishing (ie civic buildings, libraries, markets). Can you prove that there will be enough money left to build the new social housing once you have rebuilt all the other public buildings you demolished first? If not one can only assume you're planning on pushing vulnerable members of our community into another borough instead?

Further to this point, we’re concerned at news that the redevelopment plans consist of three major phases; phase one being demolition of some civic buildings and relocation of the council offices to Caxton Rd. Beyond that that the council would only raise the funds after demolition of areas, which they can chose at their own unaccountable discretion. (Informed by team planning member).

We’re concerned that you're making demolition plans based on the arrival of CrossRail2 in the Alexandra Palace Rail Station area, when it has not been confirmed let alone had its station location confirmed. In fact, TfL are said to want it to be located by Wood Green tube station. (Informed by team planning member).

We’re concerned that you're not putting the new build developments out to tender, inviting innovative design and green solutions that will benefit the community.

We’re concerned that you are knocking down council buildings (which however ugly are still public assets), a large affordable supermarket (Morrisons), & 2 privately owned residential roads, only to rebuild the council buildings meters from their original location and without making facilities for a new affordable food retail space.

We’re concerned that you're demolishing Caxton Road to build your own council buildings there because it gives the new council buildings a great view of Alexandra Palace & central London. Surely it would be better as a residential area that compliments existing architecture, and accommodates its current private resident community.

We’re concerned that you're redirecting footfall to a new square near Caxton Road with no proof anyone will want to go there apart from council workers.

We’re concerned that the new 'night economy' planned on Station Road will bring noise to a residential family area behind it, and increase crime in an area already known for recent stabbings. We’re also concerned that there will not be appropriate police resources for this new night economy.

We’re concerned that by establishing a ‘new green grid connection through the disused railway line’ you will damage nature reserves by adding lighting and tarmac, or alternatively risk the public’s safety if you leave it unmanned and opening onto the night economy area. (Bradley Road residents wish to be consulted about alternatives such as the ‘Railway Fields Local Nature Reserve’ on Green Lanes opposite Harringay Green Lanes Station.)

We’re concerned that Sylvia Law Building is being demolished but that no plans have been proposed for the residents of Bradley Road to consult with regards building height, design or purpose.

We’re concerned that the council consider the Station Road site to “lie outside of protected view corridors, and may be suitable for tall or taller buildings” without regard for the privacy of residential family communities behind Station Road.

We’re concerned there are plans to reroute a main road through the popular park Barratt Gardens, moving it closer to both Alexandra Primary School & Heartlands School, when there is already perfectly serviceable road yards away.

We’re concerned that you're knocking down the library, with council literature suggesting it will be rebuilt both by White Hart Lane and Caxton Road.

We’re concerned that you're moving market stalls to the 5th floor of the multi-story car park where they will lose business and passing trade.

We’re concerned that you're pushing out local businesses, particularly from the indoor market and food hall, in favour of high street brands which take profits away from the local community.

We’re concerned that we’re not fully informed fully due to the 15 year life span of this project across multiple organisations publishing details ie HAAP & HDV.

We’re concerned that we the public are being asked to feedback on a multitude of issues simultaneously, without being offered any final vote. 

We’re concerned by news that both the MPs for Hornsey & Wood Green and Tottenham are against this development project yet it remains unchallenged.



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