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To: Westminster Council

Quiz Night Song

Quiz Night Song

Sunday Night is Quiz Night one of the best quiz nights in London. This Quiz has a theme song, backing music is played and the quiz teams sing the song. visit Westminster Council have had one compliant
(so we are lead to believe) and have banned the song, which is 55 seconds long!!

Why is this important?

This song has been played for at least 8 years and is part of the local community, people travel from far and wide to experience the song, people
bring people to surprise them with the song! We need to bring it back.
We need to find the one person and reason with them...55 seconds!
Thats all it is.....and somebody is ruining a local tradition.

The Warwick Pub, Warwick Way, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Jonny's comedy nights file a hole & shine light.
  • It’s the only time I can sing and feel myself
  • Dont kill the vibes


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