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To: Dr Jihad Malasi Chair of Thanet CCG

Radical improvements for Thanet Mental Health service’s.

Radical improvements for Thanet Mental Health service’s.
We need a clear plan of action to radically improve access to Thanet’ mental health Services for local residents.

Why is this important?

Too many people are missing out on vital mental health services. Too many people are struggling to get appointments and treatments to deal with their mental health needs. They are unable to see GPs, and unable to access mental health services of all types. Thanet residents need decent access to all types of MH services. This is a right. This service should be properly funded and staffed to meet the community needs. Currently too many people seem to be missing out and that means their mental health and well-being suffers.


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Reasons for signing

  • Something needs to be done!
  • I’ve started this petition because many many people have contacted explaining how difficult it is for them to access effective mental health services. This must be challenged and changed. We need decent accessible services to meet the needs of Thanet residents. This is urgent and important.
  • Too many people need help thats not currently available


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