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To: The Department for Education and The Department for Health and Social Care

Radically Rethink SEND and Mental Health Provision for Children and Young People in England

Radically Rethink SEND and Mental Health Provision for Children and Young People in England

To radicically rethink two systems which successive governements have failed to substantially improve. There needs to be a significant reduction in assesment waiting times, accountability and the ensurance that every penny of funding for these two systems are actually making a difference to the children and young people who need it.

Why is this important?

Too many children and young people are currently being failed within these two systems and it needs to change, now. Every child matters, and children with SEND and mental health problems are not receiving the quality of provision that they deserve. Thought should also be given to the families of these children who are exhausted with fighting a system that just continues to put up barrier after barrier of beurocracy and stagnant progression.
My son began showing signs of ASD when he was in pre-school. Looking back, the signs were there including separation anxiety, aggression, excessive blinking and growling, but everyone was saying how intelligent he was and how great he was coming along with his learning, those signs got overlooked. My son is now 9 and is school avoidant due to high levels of anxiety. He is scared of school, going on public transport and tends to avoid most social situations. My son has said he would rather die than go to school. I know of hundreds, even thousands, of other children and families in England who are experiencing similar situations.
It's time to bridge the gap between the traditional, outdated education system that we have currently and SEND education, including mental health provision; giving children with SEND and mental health issues and their families the provision they need.

Pupils in England 'waiting up to five years for soecial needs plan-

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