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To: Sarah Newton MP, the Minister of State for Disabled People,

Rapid Accessibility for Deaf People on all National Railway trains

Make sure all British Railways take into account full access for deaf clients who travel on their trains and ensure they know of last minute changes such as change of directions or change of transport.

Why is this important?

We had this experience of not being informed of our London-bound train being reversed to Swansea. The captions on the screen in the carriage we were in still had the train bound for Paddington until the train started moving but in the opposite direction when it changed to Swansea - the next stop was Swindon. It was too late for us to get on another London-bound train for the football match at Wembley.

This is not the first time. GWR, for example, installed new high-technology trains with captions in all carriages but have not implemented information of any last minute changes that may happen from time to time.



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