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To: Minister for Transport

Rationalise Electric Vehicle Charging Payments

Rationalise Electric Vehicle Charging Payments

Enable contactless payments for all public electric vehicle charging stations.

Why is this important?

Range anxiety is a very real concern to motorists tempted to make the switch away from dirty fossil fuel powered vehicles. At the moment there is a huge variety of ways to access public charging points but most of them require separate apps or membership or separate cards.

I want to be able to access any charging pod and use my existing credit or debit card to make the payment, exactly as I would if I visited a petrol station.

If the government wish to meet their obligations under the climate change agreements they have signed, this would be a simple piece of legislation to encourage the changeover to electric vehicles.


Reasons for signing

  • it does not make sense to make access to charging more complicated than buying fossil fuels - card payment is obvious.


2019-06-13 14:03:26 +0100

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