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To: The Transport Secretary and Network Rail

Re-Open Aycliffe East Coast Mainline Railway Station

Re-Open Aycliffe East Coast Mainline Railway Station

In 1953 a railway station in Aycliffe Village County Durham was closed down. We want a station to be rebuilt and opened accessing the East Coast Mainline Services in the same or a nearby location.

Why is this important?

A New Town was built housing over 30,000 people right beside Aycliffe Village called Newton Aycliffe . The decision to close the East Coast mainline station in 1947 just as Newton Aycliffe was being built was a mistake. There is now plenty of demand for mainline services. People are forced to use private cars instead to access college opportunities and the jobs market in Durham, Chester le Street and Newcastle upon Tyne. The current Newton Aycliffe station is only on the Bishop Auckland branch line and goes to Darlington.

Newton Aycliffe

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Reasons for signing

  • A direct connection to the mainline would massive improve transport links to newton aycliffe
  • Economic and environmental good sense to reopen stations
  • Used to be my home town and if I can support the needs of it, I will


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