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To: Mid Devon District Council - Leisure

Re-open the back door of the Exe Valley Leisure Centre

Re-open the back door of the Exe Valley Leisure Centre

Find a solution that benefits both the centre and the sports clubs that use the astroturf facilities and tennis courts.

Why is this important?

So easy, safe access to the centre's toilets, changing facilities, and refreshment providers can continue, and the local people of all ages in Tiverton can be encouraged to comfortably stay active, and support the local sports clubs run by volunteers.

Exe Valley Leisure Centre, Tiverton

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Reasons for signing

  • I believe that the closure of this door is in contravention of the Disability Discrimination Act in that it being open is a reasonable adjustment to make the centre accessible for disabled users.
  • Because for some users of the centre it makes things more difficult to enjoy the facilities...especially disabled people... the users/players but also the parents who have to supervise. I already know of one parent who has a disability and is struggling with the walk around to the front doors to access the facilities from the astro turf side.
  • We are regularly kept waiting for the astro to be unlocked. You have to walk the entire perimeter of the building to get assistance. Surely, if there was an emergency in the tennis courts or astro, you are wasting vital time to get to someone. It makes no sense that a building for the community creates problems and difficulties for the users of the leisure centre.


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