To: the reading borough council

Reading Parkour park

Reading Parkour park

Reading lacks in parkour parks and people have resorted to using trespassing to get into a nice spot to train. We could build a new park that doesn't show you what you need to do and let traceurs use their imagination to see what they could do in the park. I know there is a parkour park in sole Joel park but that place is lacking its imagination to traceurs. So maki8ng new parks allow no trespassing and traceurs can use a new parkour park to use their imagination

Why is this important?

Local traceurs of Reading barely have anywhere to train. What we want is a place where we don't have to worry about getting kicked off. A parkour park would be perfect with the architectural design of Denmark's parkour parks so that young traceurs imagination would see what to do instead of showing what to do. Its like show don't tell.

Reading, UK

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