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To: Rebecca Pow MP for Taunton, Somerset West & Taunton Council, The Rank Group

Reclaim Mecca Bingo Building in Taunton for Civic, Community, Entertainment & Arts & Culture Use

Reclaim Mecca Bingo Building in Taunton for Civic, Community, Entertainment & Arts & Culture Use

Support our campaign to convince Somerset West & Taunton Council, owners of Mecca Bingo Hall in Corporation Street, Taunton, to sell or gift the building (in some way) for civic, entertainment, art and cultural use, and advocate or assist us in obtaining private and public investment to achieve this. Enabling Taunton to have a 1000+ seated venue, develop a cultural community and boost economic growth.

Why is this important?

A healthy happy life and great place to live is important to us all and deep down we all want our children, families and aged citizens to live in these great places. Arts, culture, music, dance, theatre, community events, entertainment, and access locally, is the only way we can achieve this and many towns and places have already done so.

But for decades Taunton has had no venue of a size that attracts big names, its town centre like many have seen decline, the night time economy is minimal, the cultural offer is small, and a high percentage of the population leave Taunton Deane to experience culture elsewhere.

We care about this, we care about Taunton, its quality of life and its future, and we know that this can be changed with an asset that use to be the civic pride of Taunton and that is the Mecca Bingo Hall in Corporation Street.

It’s important we reclaim this building and make Taunton a great place for things to do and live in, that reignites the town centre and night life, that brings people from afar who spend money with local businesses, but more importantly brings great entertainment to Taunton and provides a hub for civic activity and a place for people to meet friends and community.

We intend to make it community focused and will ensure the community can use it to create their own arts and culture. With theatre, comedy, live music, cinema, dance hall, workshops, meeting rooms, conference facilities and rehearsal space it will be a thriving hub for people of all ages and economic standing. Reclaimed by the people for the people. It's your chance to make the biggest difference to Taunton in decades.
Support us today and sign up to our campaign.

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Reasons for signing

  • These buildings are public property and not for sale. They were built for the people by the people for their connection and entertainment.
  • This was The Gaumont, then The Odeon,.....beautiful venue for live music, used as a bloody bingo hall. I saw some great bands here as a kid starting out in the music business. Somerset folk want to reclaim it and use it properly, please help by signing the petition, takes 30 seconds. Thanks Johnny Butten
  • Being in a prime spot, with grand features, this building is currently being misused. Imagine a county town with a venue for real events and concerts, attracting people from all over for lunch and eveningtime performances.. it would fill the many places to eat and sleep. It would also give people places to go. The bingo could move into the former BHS or a purpose built building on the old market! I fully support this and I am someone that goes to the bingo once in a blue moon.


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