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To: Andy Burnham

Reclaim Social Care in Greater Manchester

Reclaim Social Care in Greater Manchester

• support the return of publicly funded and provided social care, democratically managed , for all those in need
• propose that social care in Greater Manchester should be provided without charge, funded from general taxation
• expose the glaring contradiction in the public funding of personal care and support on some medical grounds (e.g. after a stroke or heart attack) but not when there is a need through dementia, where individuals and their families have to finance their social care
• support the provision of social care and support by a properly trained, skilled workforce who are paid appropriately; so that we, the residents of Greater Manchester, can enjoy the social care and support services that we expect from our relatively rich, civilised society.
• show how the present level of public provision of social care is woefully inadequate to meet the needs of your Greater Manchester constituents

Why is this important?

We understand that local authority funding has been viscously cut by successive governments, since 2008.
However we also understand that it is the legal responsibility of local authorities to deliver support and care to vulnerable people within their communities.

We call on you, Andy Burnham, as mayor of Greater Manchester and figure head for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, to take a stand.

Greater Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • It's imperative that social care, along with the NHS needs to be publicly owned and no longer run for profit at the expense of peoples' lives.
  • No one should make profits from social care
  • I believe the state should be responsible for the wellbeing of it's working class, for without them the day to day workings of the country would grind to a halt. This is vital during times of great vulnerability. The current government are shirking their responsibilities. Their policies have resulted in a form of victimisation (preying on some of the most vulnerable people in our society), which is wholly unethical.


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