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To: The Home Office, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Reconsider Lizanne Zietsman's Visa Refusal

Reconsider Lizanne Zietsman's Visa Refusal

Reconsider the decision to refuse Lizanne Zietsman's right to remain in the UK, and allow her to stay in the country with her British husband, John Malpas, with whom she owns and runs (tirelessly) the much-celebrated Sandwich Station in Lochranza; and maintain her position as a valued member of the close-knit Isle of Arran community.

Why is this important?

In the years since Lizanne and John returned to Corrie, Isle of Arran, they have fully immersed themselves in island life, and have become indispensable to the community. The Home Office have decided that Lizanne is no longer welcome in the UK, and have instructed her to return to South Africa; as well as suggesting John Malpas (a UK citizen) should simply go with her to mitigate any perceived emotional distress this decision may cause.

Lizanne and John's business, the Sandwich Station, has become one of the top food outlets on Arran, and is highly coveted the island over; as well as being fully able to financially support Lizanne and John's lives here. Over and above, the Sandwich Station is able to employ locals, providing a valuable social and economic contribution to this rural location. By removing Lizanne from the country, this invaluable local business will face the very real prospect of closure.

It is clear to the whole community that this decision is fundamentally wrong, and we compel the Home Office, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid, and all other concerned parties, to re-evaluate the worth of allowing Lizanne to continue her life with her husband, here, in her home village of Corrie.

Isle of Arran

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Reasons for signing

  • Lizanne is a wonderful person and an asset to the entire Isle of Arran. The sandwich station is an incredible place to eat and deporting lizanne would take away not only the propriter of a much loved business but a good friend to many on Arran. Hopefully the home office sees sense and allows a great person to stay on alArran with the people she loves, doing something that she loves.
  • Seems complete unnecessary and unfair.
  • I signed because this woman has come to our country in Scotland, married, set up home, set up business, provided jobs to the local community and yet despite all those good things, she is still to deport? Why are we still listening to a government of another country? We need immigration in Scotland and we need control over it. Let Lizanne back in! Haste Ye Back Lass.


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A huge thank you to everyone who has signed and shared so far, we've all be amazed by the volume of support. Your signatures mean a lot, the petition will be presented by Patricia Gibson MP next week. The issue was raised as a Point of Order by Patricia Gibson MP in the House of Commons today, you can watch it here;

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