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To: North East Lincolnshire council

Recycling bins

Recycling bins

Provide better recycling bins. Not the silly tubs

Why is this important?

The tubs get stolen and the rubbish gets blown all over the streets.
We want N E LINCS council to realise we do want to recycle but the tubs are so impractical

North East Lincolnshire Council, Grimsby

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Reasons for signing

  • leaving it two weeks to get taken away is a joke. I live on a street with family’s, some which have more than two’s an outrage and every morning rubbish has been blown over the road. People are throwing rubbish in my garden because everyone’s bins are full. We have to pay for our brown bins to be taken, then we have useless recycle bins provided that can’t even contain items in there on a bad day.... sort it out #uselessidea
  • Because the recycling is getting blown all over the streets, the tubs are far to small. A recycle bin for all recycled materials would be more practical
  • My daughter recently moved to Hull, there she doesn't pay for green waste to be removed, food waste can be added to this compostable bin. Her recycling bin takes all plastics/paper/glass/cans, no trying to figure out which bin it goes in. Her black bin (non-recyclables) is almost empty. N E lincs need to look into Hulls bin collection and copy.


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