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To: Kirklees council

Recycling in Kirklees

Recycling in Kirklees

Review the items that can be placed in green bins for recycling purposes - as it stands only 4 types of recyclable packaging (paper, plastic bottles, clean tins/cans and empty aerosols) can be recycled within Kirklees by their chosen partner SUEZ. This is diabolical compared to other councils in the vicinity - e.g. Calderdale allow 15 common items, and Wakefield 16 recyclable products.

Why is this important?

The nation, and in fact the world, is constantly being told to recycle more, yet Kirklees council makes it neigh on impossible for households to recycle as much as they possibly could.

The future of the planet is at stake here and we’ll all need to try our best to ensure it’s there for future generations.

How it will be delivered

Via email to Kirklees copying MPs those ward covers relevant areas.


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Reasons for signing

  • Kirklees should have better recycling services... however, the danger is that this makes everyone think that their own shopping behaviours are ok... in terms of saving the environment, REDUCING our use of these kind of items / materials is far more important than recycling. If we don't buy things in plastic trays, then there is no need to recycle them.
  • Kirklees couincil is just pathetic compared to neighbouring councils. This chart confirms it re: recycling. The appalling "service" over the Christmas period (compared to Leeds say) is also a joke.
  • There should be a nationally defined recycling system, not individual council defined possibilities. Even improving the recycling centres, more in line with countries like Switzerland would be a start.


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