To: H M Minister of Health

Reduce children's Asthma and other serious illnesses.

Reduce children's Asthma and other serious illnesses.

Bring in law, which, at a future practical date, makes it illegal to sell new cars in the UK which discharge their exhausts onto the pavement. They discharge into mid road in the EU being therefore less dense and less dangerous.

Why is this important?

One in eleven children in the UK suffer from asthma which is higher than any EU country and rising faster than any other EU country.
Researchers have found 3.5 times the exhaust fumes in lungs of children in low prams compared to what is in their mum's lungs because they are at a higher position. They are recommending higher prams and using side and not main roads. The ongoing cost to the NHS must be huge plus the human misery resulting.

The UK

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