To: Prime Minister

Reduce microplastics in our diet

Reduce microplastics in our diet

Please help stop microplastics making their way into our diet and water.

Why is this important?

It has now been scientifically proven in 2020 by two separate studies carried out in Italy and the Netherlands that microplastics are present in everyday fruit and vegetables that we are consuming. Microplastics are defined as plastic particles less than 5mm in diameter.
It really upsets me especially as a parent to two young boys that we are feeding our children and ourselves supposedly "healthy" fruit and vegetables that could actually be harming them and us due to the microplastics they now contain due to the microplastics in rainwater. National Geographic has published numerous articles on the increasing problems of microplastics and in 2017 a United Nations resolution discussed microplastics and the 'need for regulations to reduce this hazard to our oceans, their wildlife and human health.' There are also various organisations like The Plastic Soup Foundation that have started trying to address this very serious worldwide problem.
Please sign this petition and lets help to reduce and eventually stop plastics being allowed by our governments and companies to ruin our precious food and finite water supplies.