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Reducing National Speed Limit on Country Roads

Reducing National Speed Limit on Country Roads

Reduce the National Speed Limit on country roads that have no pavements.

Why is this important?

Most urban roads have had the speed limits reduced to protect the public however those that live in the countryside are also in danger.
We can't walk our children to school on roads as most have no pavements. it is very dangerous to ride a horse or push a pram or walk dogs on some of these narrow bendy roads. Surely all the public need protecting from the dangers of speeding. Vehicles whether they live in the city or out in the countryside. Other added dangers are prevalent also. Wide tractors and machinery pose a hazard to speeding drivers.
Look at the statistics. Accidents on these roads prove more fatal than ones in urban areas.
Please sign to reduce the speed limit on country roads to protect all road users.



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