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Reeintroduce the parker morris standards for all new construction projects

This petition is to reintroduce The Parker Morris standards.This standards dictate the minimum size of bedrooms,storage,room sizes,and basic amenities in new flats and houses.It was succcessfully argued in 1989 under mrs Thatcher that the relaxation of these standards would make construction of houses cheaper and would promote construction of large scale construction projects.Over twenty years later there is no evidence to suggest the construction industry has delevered on any of its promises.With new houses sporting over crowded sites,small rooms and bedroooms which coulsd not hold full sized adult beds.The public rightly perceive the construction companes have purley pocketed any cost savings as supernormal profit with a reducion in quality of Houses quality and quality of amienity.

The downturn in housing construction is an ideal opportunity to restore these standards so that properly constructed quality longlasting housing stock can once again be constructed to the nation without seemingly any cost penalities to the construction industry.

This is a logical and postive move to retore the demand of buyers in the vairiation of products available in the housing sector.

Why is this important?

This is a vital building block in delivering quality longlasting housing stock fit for a nation.With many new builds not large enough to live accommadate a family or survive beyond a twenty five year life span.

The failure to build suitable or substandards housing even when new has a devistating impact on productivity and desirability of the UK to attract the best skilled labbor in the world requiring urgent action to support declining construction sector.


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