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References before interview

References before interview

Stop asking to contact references before an interview has taken place.

Why is this important?

This is important as no position has been offered and it is time consuming for both candidate and referees. It can also stop you from
being able to secure work if you are in future given a job offer after an interview and your references have to be contacted again. They may put it to the side as you no longer work for them and it is not of priority to complete it.

Contacting current employers before an interview can cause tension at your current job with your employer as they are now aware you are planning to leave them but the reality is that you may not even secure an interview because of timing of references getting back and the position can be offered to other candidates whose references were quicker and allowed them to secure an interview and get the job. In this case you then have to contact your referees and let them know you no longer need them to complete the reference form and apologise for any inconvenience.



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