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To: Parliament

Referendums on Constitutional Issues Require Supermajorities

Referendums on Constitutional Issues Require Supermajorities

This Petition calls on Parliament to legislate that any National Referendum proposing major Constitutional change should require a minimum two-thirds majority of votes in favour of the change. The aim is to demonstrate that there is overwhelming consensus on the proposed change.

Why is this important?

The result of the 2016 EU Referendum is a United Kingdom that isn’t so united anymore, and an intensely divided country that finds itself facing the prospect of losing power, jobs, wealth, international standing and influence as a result of a hasty decision that is only supported by a narrow majority of voters. What if, for example, ‘Leave’ had won by 120,000 votes instead of 1.2 million? What if the margin had been much smaller? Does it really make sense to implement something that will have a fundamental, historic impact on the British Isles and Europe based on such a small majority? Of course it doesn't ! No other major democracy is so cavalier with the security of it's Constitution and Peoples' rights. For example, Amendments to the Constitution of the USA require 2/3 majority votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and a nationwide referendum that must win in 75% of the States. The United Kingdom deserves better than this !



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